Tunisian Students sing the song “Street Children” by Turgay Evren

Tunisian Students are preparing a programme for the end of the year in their high school. Mimi Mimetta and her classmates from Shiny Pinkflower’s English class in Sousse, Tunisia perform “Street Children”, by Turgay Evren and Jason R. Levine.

Bulgarian Students sing “The Seasons” in the class!

Slavka Borislavova, an English teacher in Bulgaria is revising “the seasons” with fifth graders through a song, which was performed by Jason R Levine and produced by Turgay Evren.

Maysun comes 1st in Bangladesh performing Turgay Evren’s song, “mother”!

Maysun Zahir

Let’s start the new year with some great news I have received from Bangladesh! Maysun Zahir attending 2nd grade in a school in Bangladesh came first in a poem recitation contest held in her school by reading the lyrics of “mother” song I have written! She received her prize from her school and shared the pictures of this special moment with us! I’d like to extend my thanks to Jason R Levine, who has arranged and performed this meaningful song! Congratulations, dear Maysun for your great achievement!

Maysun 2

Maysun had joined a contest of song held in her school, and come 2nd performing “master” a song Turgay Evren has written about teachers, and received a prize for her success before.

On Time – In Time (Vicki Hollett, Zehra and Zeynep Evren, and Jason R Levine)

A new video from Vicki Hollett, the great teacher and famous author of best-selling ELT books published by Oxford University Press and Pearson Education! My daughters Zeynep and Zehra have made a humble contribution to this video through their performances! I am sure you will enjoy watching this video. Pls share it if you like it!



For the ones who missed Kaplan İnternational Blog’s interview with my wife and me, I just wanted to update this news! It was a great honour for us to be interviewed by Kaplan International, which has several prestigious schools and colleges in England, the USA and some other countries! Kaplan interviews English teachers who are very successful in their careers and achieve to leave a global impact on teaching English through their works. You can read this interview by clicking on the link above. I hope you will enjoy reading this fun interview.


Mr Nabi Avcı, The Minister of National Education meets with Turgay Evren and Kezban Evren

Nabi Bey

Mr Nabi Avcı, The Turkish Minister of National Education, invited Turgay Evren and Kezban Evren today to receive their ideas regarding how to improve English education at Turkish schools. After the meeting, Turgay Evren and Kezban Evren gave the minister some of the books they have written as a gift. Turgay and Kezban Evren have submitted their suggestions as a comprehensive report written in Turkish, which involves many projects towards a better English education system in Turkey.

THE SEASONS (Seasons Song for Kids and English Learners)

A song written and performed by Jason R Levine, the famous American Rap Singer, and produced by Turgay Evren, English Teacher, author, and poet.


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