There was a teacher and he had many good students. He loved all his students, but he liked one student more than the all the other students. One day the students asked their teacher why he loved that student so much.  “I will tell you tomorrow why I love him so deeply,” the teacher aswererd.

            The next day the teacher gave a live little bird to all the students. “Find a quiet place wehere no one will see you and slaughter those birds,” the teacher told the students.

            After a short time, all the students returned. They had slaughtered their birds. But his favourite student had come back with the birs alive in his hand.

            “Why didn’t you cut off your bird,” the teacher asked.

            “You had told me to find a place where no one could see me ,” explained the student. “I did my best to find a place where God Almighty would not see me but I failed. I was sure that God could see me everywhere.  Wherever I went I couldn’t hide from God. So I couldn’t carry out your instruction.”

            The teacher was happy with this answer. He turned to the other students and

            “Now do you understand why I love this student so much?” he asked. “Because he knows that God sees him everywhere and everytime. Therefore he never does something bad.”

            Yes, we must remember God everywhere and everytime and we must be carefull about everything we do. We can not see God, but God sees all our actions.




                                                                                Retold by

                                             Turgay EVREN       


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