Our world is not a paradise. We always have to struggle with many problems in the world. Poverty, hunger, wars and natural disasters are some of these problems. However, we have an advantage today; technology has changed the world into a village. Therefore, we can reach the remotest parts of the world and help the people when they need us. Our responsibilities are bigger towards humanity in a smaller world.


         When you watch the news on TV, you see and hear many bad things every day. You learn that there are a lot of people in many countries in Africa; they are poor and hungry because there is drought and famine in their countries. There are babies dying of hunger and the mothers are always crying. The skinny girls do not know the school and the fathers are angry but helpless. You keep on watching the TV and you see that pain does not stay in a continent. Pain and tear are two travellers. They are in Iraq, Afganistan and Palestine now. There is a big war in those lands. The houses are in ruins and the streets are the traps of death. The children play with bullets as toys. Their country is occupied with foreign troops and their hearts are occupied with fear, anxiety and sadness. The questions are not tough maths questions here. Will Dady come back to the house tonight? Will Mumy find something to cook for the dinner???


         Grief jumps from one country to another like a kangaroo? It takes us to another continent. We are in the most developed and strongest country now; USA. New Orleans is floating on the water like a boat. The houses are flooded. The corpses haven’t come to the surface yet. The strongest country of the world, the superman is wreched. There aren’t any troops in the streets. Some burglars are looting the house and killing the people. The mayor is complaning on CNN. He asks, ‘Why don’t troops help us?’ He knows the answer; American soldiers are busy in Iraq, they are shooting at the children!!!


         Pain makes its way to Kashmir, Pakistan this time. The earthquake struck this region last month, killing tens of thousands of people and leaving millions homeless. You see the desperate mothers on the screen. They are trying to dig through the rubbles with their hands. Many people are stuck under the debris of the collapsed houses. They are screaming for help but the aid workers are not nearby. There isn’t enough food yet. The weather is cold, suddenly it starts raining. The people including old and children are cold, hungry and wet. The young boys and girls cannot dream about the future. The moments turn into dark, cold dungeons. Here is worse than a dungeon. In the dungeon, you don’t get wet. The roof is the sky and the clouds are the gallows on the horizon.


         Pain finally returns to its country. We are watching Deniz Feneri on TV. Deniz Feneri is an organization in Turkey. Charitable people support this organization. It helps the poor and hugry families. We are following Deniz Feneri in an eastern, forgotten village. A widow is looking after her two sons and one daughter. The house has no toilet and kitchen. There isn’t a carpet on the floor. The cold air blows into the house through one broken window. The woman is ill and she cannot work and do the housechores. The girl is eleven years old and she does all the work. She looks very clever but she cannot go to school. Deniz Feneri gives this family some food and money. There are still millions of poverty and hunger-stricken people in Turkey and they need help. Every person must become a lighthouse, then we can enlighten the dark in the eyes of the children and light a candle in their hearts. Are you ready to give a room in your heart for the poor and homeless, helping the efforts of aid foundations with your possessions, wealth, labour and prayers?                                                                                                                                                                 

                                     Turgay Evren

                                 İngilizce öğretmeni


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