Love is dead

Since God is dead.

Tell all the pretending lovers that;

The theatre is finished,

The army is disbanded,

Our last stronghold is conquered.

Moses for the first time defeated,

Jesus once again crucified,

Muhammad, as is known, condemned to hunger and torture.

Oh Siddhartha! Return to your palace

Where love is sacrificed to lust.

Love is dead, before I said

That’s why God is dead.



Love is dead

And man is dismayed.

Let the earthquake destroy the hearts!

What difference does it make?

Mercy and compassion are two orphans,

Hungry children are my weapons

Abandoned old people,

Raped decent girls,

Civilization they call me.

I saw God for the last time, shortly before He perished.

He was a blanket on a trembling Pakistani woman’s body.

And a summer tent, for sure, sheltering another quake-hit family.    

God is dead I knew, so is modesty.  



Nietzsche, Russel and Sartre

The grave-diggers of God’s tomb!

Strike fast and hard

This is God, who knows?

He may resurrect and come back.

Patients appeal to Him.

The oppressed is awaiting yet.

The universe is missing His Face

Only His name keeps the birds singing.

The heart of history beats with His specters.

Oh my God? What is that moving out of the grave?

You gave me this mind, you save!




                                                                                                                                                                                                    Turgay TURGAY EVREN


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  1. well, I like it…

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