O the women of Gaza

                   Don’t look at me that way

                   Cover me

                   Surround me

                   Shroud me

                   Bury me

                   In the ashes of my shame



                   O the children of Gaza

                   Don’t gaze at me that way

                   Freeze me

                   Tease me

                   Release me

                   And seize me

                   In the ices of my flame


                   O the men of Gaza

                   Glance at my soul anyway

                   Remind me

                   Wake me

                   Alert me

                   And shake me

                   In the shade of my blame






                                               Turgay Evren








4 Responses


    Fearing truth, Pro Palestian blogs always moderate comments.

  2. As you see, your comment has been published, my Israeli friend who has been deprived of his conscience due to his blind fanaticism and bigotry.

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