WRITING AGAIN (By Turgay Evren)

Hello everybody, from now on, I’d like to write regularly once a week about various issues. I had planned to use this blog especially for writing when I first created it. However, this blog soon turned into a kind of audio or video blog abounding in many audio or video materials.

How was my desire towards writing hijacked by videos or podcasts? Actually, there are a few answers to this question. In the first place, I thought that English learners need to get exposed to audio visual materials to improve their English. I chose to give the priority to encouraging my audience to get immersed in listening and watching English materials. Yet, in the course of time, my readers changed into audience enjoying some English cartoons, animations, videos or flash stories.

Second, initially I assumed that a blog based on reading could be a bit boring for the users of the Internet, but now I see that this assumption has turned out to be a fallacy since most bloggers prefer reading to watching.
Third and the final excuse came out of my laziness. Writing is really a difficult task. Everybody cannot bear the heavy burden of writing. Writing takes courage, devotion, and of course, inspiration. Writing is a trust and sometimes even the mountains may hesitate to shoulder the responsibility of writing. That is why, I tried to avoid writing. As a writer, you must use your pen like a sword and strike the target well. Your words should be sharp so that they can penetrate deep into the hearts and minds of the readers. Writing takes time: sometimes you may spend one hour on a paragraph if you are a meticulous author who wants to trigger his or her readers’ imagination.

Despite the difficulties of writing that I have mentioned above, I reached the decision of writing a brief article on Monday every week, knowing that I can develop myself merely through writing. I hope you will accompany me in my journey of writing that will take me to far away realms.



The Miser


A miser sold all that he had and bought a lump of gold, which he buried in a hole in the ground by the side of an old wall and went to look at daily. One of his workmen observed his frequent visits to the spot and decided to watch his movements. He soon discovered the secret of the hidden treasure, and digging down, came to the lump of gold, and stole it. The Miser, on his next visit, found the hole empty and began to tear his hair and to make loud lamentations. A neighbor, seeing him overcome with grief and learning the cause, said, “Pray do not grieve so; but go and take a stone, and place it in the hole, and fancy that the gold is still lying there. It will do you quite the same service; for when the gold was there, you had it not, as you did not make the slightest use of it.”


You can’t please everyone

One day a man was going to market with his son and his ass. they met a couple on the way.

“Why walk when you have an ass to ride?” called out the husband, “seat the boy on the ass.”

“I would like that,” said the boy, “help me up father.”

And the father did that willingly.

Soon they met another couple. “How shameful of you!” cried the woman, “let your father ride, won’t he be tired?”

So, the boy got down and the father rode the ass. Again they marched on.

“poor boy”, said the next person they met, “why should the lazy father ride while his son is walking?”

So, the boy got onto the ass too. As they went on, they met some travellers.

“How cruel of them!” They are up to kill the poor ass.” cried one of the travellers.

Hearing this, the father and the son got down. Now they decided to carry the ass on their shoulders. As they did so, the travellers broke into laughter.

The laughter frightened the ass. It broke free and galloped away.

MORAL: You can not please everyone

Introductory Stories -2


Mary worked in a office in London, and she usually went out and had lunch in a restaurant. She liked foreign food and often looked in a newspaper for the names of the new restaurants, because she enjoyed going to them and eating new things. Sometimes she said ‘ I don’t like this restaurant. I’m not going to come here again.’; but often she said, ‘I like this one. I’m going to have my lunch here often.’

         One day she saw the name of a new Greek restaurant in her newspaper, and she went there for lunch. It was very small but it was clean and nice, and the food was good.

         But then Marry found something hard in her mouth. She took it out. It was a button.

         ‘Look here, waiter!’she said. ‘I’ve found this button in my food.’

         ‘Thank you, thank you!’ the waiter answered happily. ‘I looked