MAGIC WATER (by Zeynep Evren)


Hello, my name is Zeynep. I am going to tell you a story. I was living in a city. One day I was doing my homework.  I was thirsty, so I went to the kitchen. I drank water. I felt strange. Then what happened do you know? I found myself in America. But I did not know why?

 In America I saw someone. Then I learned that her name was Ayşe. She tried to help me. We went to a park. We played games together. We were very thirsty. We went to Ayşe’s home. We sat on something green and round like a chair. Then she brought me a glass of water and buumm….. I found myself in Egypt.

 In Egypt someone called Maruf took me somewhere. His skin was a little brown. “Let’s play water game,” he said. I didn’t want to play because I knew that I was going to go to another country. But he didn’t listen to me. He came and splashed water over me. I was wet, angry and tired. Then I went to Spain.

 I was in Spain because of Maruf. I missed my mother very much. There was a king named Berkan. He caught me and put me in the dungeon. They gave me a little food and a glass of water. I didn’t want to drink it but the king wanted to see me drinking it. But I didn’t know why. I drank it and found myself in England. 

 There was a big war. I had to drink water or I would die. Because in the war, they would kill me. I was searching for a glass of water, but I couldn’t find. Then someone named Ahmet came and said, “This water is dirty. We can’t use it, so I’m putting it here.” I did not want to drink it but I had no other choice. I drank it and buumm… I was in France.

 There were two ugly women named Feyza Nur and Sena Nur in France. They wanted to make me their slave. I didn’t want to be their slave. But they forced me. They gave me water and I drank it immediately. I heard a sound….

 “Zeynep, wake up! We are going to have dinner,” my mum said. I woke up. I didn’t understand where I was. Then I understood that all of those things were a dream. Or should I say it was a nightmare? That was a strange dream and I thought that I went to 200 years forward in the future. Because the year is 1809 now. But in the dream it was 2009.  In Ayşe’s home, there was something I saw. That thing was a computer. 200 years later, there is going to be a computer, I think.   

Zeynep Evren

5 – C              




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