Mr Nabi Avcı, The Minister of National Education meets with Turgay Evren and Kezban Evren

Nabi Bey

Mr Nabi Avcı, The Turkish Minister of National Education, invited Turgay Evren and Kezban Evren today to receive their ideas regarding how to improve English education at Turkish schools. After the meeting, Turgay Evren and Kezban Evren gave the minister some of the books they have written as a gift. Turgay and Kezban Evren have submitted their suggestions as a comprehensive report written in Turkish, which involves many projects towards a better English education system in Turkey.


THE SEASONS (Seasons Song for Kids and English Learners)

A song written and performed by Jason R Levine, the famous American Rap Singer, and produced by Turgay Evren, English Teacher, author, and poet.