My Aviation English Class with Aydın 67th Fleet

I’ve finished another “Introduction to Aviation English” class with Aydın 67th fleet consisting of great cadets who will turn into not only pilots of Turkish Airlines in the future but also aviators whose hearts are the home of the skies! Only the pilots who achieve to keep their egos down will keep climbing to a higher altitude throughout their life journey! The one who goes unaware of the depth of their inner world will never come to appreciate the signs and miracles in the boundless universe. I wish the pilots of the future success, happiness and humbleness with their career.

Aydın 67th Fleet


The first photo with a close companion!


This is my first photo with my close friend Aziz Babuşçu, who was elected as a deputy of the ruling AK Party from Istanbul. Aziz Babuşçu, who is a member of AK Party MKYK (50-member Central Decision and Administration Board, served AK Party as Istanbul AK Party president for eight years. I wish him success in the path of politics he treads with an understanding of serving Almighty God and His people.

“Introduction to Aviation English 1” course with the 1st Fleet of Ireland!


I have finished my “Introduction to Aviation English” course with the 1st fleet of Ireland, who will have their flight traning in an Aviation Academy in Cork city. It was such a fun and a big honour to teach these guys who will turn into great aviators at the end of this journey, which takes a lot of effort, dedication, passion and patience. After one and half year training, hopefully all of my cadets will be first officers (co-pilots) of Turkish Airlines and fly Turkey and the world in the near future. I wish all of them success with their training and career.