Kızılay uses the music of the song Turgay Evren has created for Syrian refugee kids

A song written for Syrian child refugees, and all children of war. This song created to enhance hope, love, brotherhood, compassion and peace was played at the dinner of “World Humanitarian Summit” held in Istanbul in May 2016, and 39 world leaders have listened to it. The song music was employed in international donation campaign videos The Red Crescent (Kızılay) has made with several famous singers, and musicians to encourage people to support a project which aims to create “Mobile Child Friendly Space” for the kids of millions of refugees in Turkey. We hope we will be able to touch hearts and urge people to take action towards building a better world through this moving song which puts tears to eyes.

I would’t know it if one of our students did not inform me about it. Kızılay and number 1 TV have launched a fundraising campaign to create “mobile space for children” and many famous singers such as Gökhan Tepe, Hande Yener, Bengü, Hakan Peker, Keremcem, Erdem Kınay, Mehmet Erdem, Saide, Güliz Ayla, Elif Kaya and Aynur Aydın encourage their fans to support this campaign. When you listen to the music at the background carefully, you will see that it is the music of our song for Syrian children!! I feel honoured and happy to be a part of this campaign which aims to create special spaces where children of war can continue their education and improve their artistic skills getting involved in drawing, music, dance and other activities


Erdoğan reads the lyrics written by Turgay Evren

Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, the President of Republic of Turkey, has read the lyrics of the chorus part of the song, “Children of Heaven” written by Turgay Evren on the occasion of 23rd April in the Külliye, Presidential Palace where he hosted about 400 kids from 50 different countries of the world.