Turgay Evren’s new song for the referandum gets a record share

The new song Turgay Evren has written and composed for the referandum, which will be held in Turkey on 16 April 2017, became one of the most popular referandum songs on Facebook, getting more than one hundred and fifty thousand views, thousands of likes, comments and shares just in one week. The song was shared by major AK Party social media pages and the media made news about it.

It is expected that this song called “Başkanlığa Evet” (Yes to the Presidential System) will receive at least one million views until the date of referandum.


Orhan Uzuner, Bilal Erdoğan’s father in law also listened to the song “Başkanlığa Evet” by Turgay Evren and he said that he loves the lyrics, melody and the clip of this song. Turgay Evren and Orhan Uzuner came together on one of the occasions of Kardeş Kal Türkiye founded by Orhan Uzuner.


Turgay Evren also told Orhan Uzuner about his new music projects and Orhan Uzuner brought him together with Cengiz Erdem, the CEO of Avrupa Müzik, a major music production company, which also represents Universal Music in Turkey.