I am a lecturer, editor, poet, translator and author who wrote, retold, edited, or translated over 65 stories, 5 textbooks, and many poems and essays. Some of the storybooks I have written in English were translated into Arabic and Turkish. My stories were also converted into ebooks and published by Turkish Airlines.  I have also written several songs, and some of my songs were arranged and sung by Jason R. Levine, the American RAP Singer. I have worked in various colleges and universities as an English Teacher in Ankara, Istanbul, Toronto and Montreal. I have a bachelor degree in the field of English Language Teaching and a master’s degree in the field of English Language and Literature with a focus on Post-colonial Literature.

I have also created many audio podcasts and videos and published them in video sharing sites like Youtube. I got the chance to collaborate with Vicki Hollett, the world famous writer of Oxford University Press, and JenniferESL, author of Pearson Education in some online projects. My videos and podcasts were viewed and downloaded more than two million times.

I’d like to share my works on my blog with my companions and the guests. I have also put some inspirational stories, quotations and poems penned by some other writers or sources on my blog so that you may have an access to a richer source of literature. I hope that you will enjoy this blog. I am looking forward to receiving your comments. Take care and be with God.

For further information about me and to check the works I have created, click on the links below:







Turgay EVREN


16 Responses

  1. from where Mr Turgay ? if u dunn mind

  2. I am from Turkey.

  3. level 5 öğrenciniz.

  4. Thank you for the blog. it’s really useful for me. I as an English teacher would like to use your materials here if you don’t mind. long time no see. I hope to see you one day…

  5. This website really usefull. I did’nt know before. I met Mr Turgay on the bus yesterday. It was a good coincidence.
    I am a student in E.T. Bakırköy branch.

  6. Hello my dear brother Murat, it has been ages since we last time conversed with each other on the phone. I have been engaged in lots of activities for the last five years, but one thing has not changed: my job in English Time. I have created a few blogs to make a humble contribution to the efforts of English learners since, you know better than me that, an English learning activity that is confined to the walls of the classroom cannot prosper, flourish and thrive. Being locked to solely the class atmosphere is one of the main ailments of English Learning Process in Turkey. I will be more than happy if you benefit from any materials on my blog. See you soon. May God be with you.

  7. Hello Najla, thank you for the comment that you have made on my blog. I am happy to hear that you benefit from this blog since I have created it make a humble contribution to English Learners. I believe that you will attain an excellent command of English in the future. I am already impressed by the current level of your English, and your enthusiasm and devotion to improve yourself. Let English become a part of your life. Take it easy.

  8. Selam Mr. Evren, nasılsın?

    You are undoubtedly blessed with your magnificent ability to manifest your feelings and ideas through words and phrases. It is actually quite amazing to find a Turkish who writes like a native English. Honestly, Mr. Evren, I have countless Turkish friends, among whom were my roommates back when I was studying. I also know 3 Turkish professors in my university but I must admit that you are second to none to perfection when it comes to written English. Despite the mere fact that I have superficially read some of your articles here, I am proud beyond the horizon. I have personally found someone so perfect, from a country that has always won my love and admiration, Türkiye.

    God bless you for the effort that you have continuously put forth, in your noble intention to educate us. Teşekkür ederim, Mr. Evren.

    Selam ve dua ile… from Malaysia.

  9. Nur, thank you for your praise concerning my English though my English is far away from deserving this praise. Nevertheless, I had to confess to myself that my pride has been flattered by your remarks.

  10. Mr. Evren,
    Your responsibility is to educate us, ‘coz you have the magic of pedagogy. My responsibility is to flatter you, ‘coz I have the magic of “flatteragogy”. Have you heard of this field? It’s a new field and soon, they will open a faculty in Oxford. But I forgot the name of the founder.. Nur something, if I am not mistaken ;)))

  11. ellerinize, gonlunuze saglik…..cok guzel ve faydali olmus.hernekadar bende Ingilizce ogretmeni olsamda yorumu kendi dilimizde yapmayi daha uygun buldum…kolay gele…

    • Neslihan Hanım, değerli yorumlarınızdan dolayı teşekkürler. Bu blog sizin gibi İngilizce öğretmenlerine faydalı oluyorsa, ne mutlu bana.

  12. Teacher sorry englishcafeye kayıt oldum but aktive edemiyorum 😦 Can you help me pleas

  13. this is a very good blog. i’ve found many useful materials here. Keep it up!

  14. hello teacher!
    this is very useful blog. l like it. Anymore l visit every day. l can find everything about english. before l dont know this blog you havent said me 🙂 l m lucky to find here. l think because of these blogs l can iprove my english. thank you very much for this blog
    see you take care

  15. It’s Fatih AKILMA from Turkey! And I’m one of your old students. You made me like English and I always remember you with your stories to make us sleep and dream as if we were in your story 🙂

    The way I found you back is also interesting. I was listening to a podcast by “All Ears English” and I was surprised when I saw your name as a guest there 🙂 So I’m really happy that I have chance to contact you again!

    See you soon and thank you for everything :))

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