Introductory Stories -2


Mary worked in a office in London, and she usually went out and had lunch in a restaurant. She liked foreign food and often looked in a newspaper for the names of the new restaurants, because she enjoyed going to them and eating new things. Sometimes she said ‘ I don’t like this restaurant. I’m not going to come here again.’; but often she said, ‘I like this one. I’m going to have my lunch here often.’

         One day she saw the name of a new Greek restaurant in her newspaper, and she went there for lunch. It was very small but it was clean and nice, and the food was good.

         But then Marry found something hard in her mouth. She took it out. It was a button.

         ‘Look here, waiter!’she said. ‘I’ve found this button in my food.’

         ‘Thank you, thank you!’ the waiter answered happily. ‘I looked


Introductory Stories -1


Mrs. Jones wanted a picture for her living-room. She took the bus and went to town. She looked for a picture shop, and after a few minutes she found one. There were some pictures in the window, but she did not like them very much.

         She went into the shop and looked at some other pictures. She liked some of those more. There was a picture of a young girl and Mrs. Jones liked it very much. She went to the shopkeeper and said, ‘How much do you want for this picture?’

         The shopkeeper turned the picture round. He looked at the back of it and said, ‘Thirteen pounds.’

         ‘Thirty pounds?’ Mrs. Jones said. ‘That’s very expensive. I’m going to offer you twenty pounds for it.’

‘I said “Thirteen pounds”, not “Thirty pounds”,’ the man answered.

         ‘Thirteen?’ Mrs. Jones said. ‘Then I’m going to offer you nine pounds for it.’