Our song came 3rd in the largest song contest of the world about peace

Our song about Syrian refugee kids has become 3rd most voted song in the largest peace song contest of the world, getting 10106 votes, and has become one of the finalists among hundreds of songs. I have received a letter from Masterpeace, the organizer of the song contest, praising our song which was among the runner-ups saying the jury LOVED it. I feel proud that the jury which has received Grammy music award loved our song.

Masterpeace also invited us to collaborate in a series of concerts it will hold in many different countries of the world. I feel so happy and honoured that our song has achieved an international success and the journey for our song has just begun.


You can listen to top ten songs in the contest on the link below:

My Music MasterPeace


39 world leaders listen to our song at the Summit

In May 2016 “World Humanitarian Summit” was held in Istanbul, Turkey and at the summit dinner “Today I will not die”, our song for Syrian refugee children, was played for 39 world leaders who participated in this occasion.




President Erdoğan has hosted us in the Külliye


On 23rd April we were the guests of Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, the President of Turkey, in the garden of the Presidential Palace (Külliye) where the children displayed their shows and talents. We have thanked Mr. Erdoğan for hosting and supporting three million Syrian refugees in Turkey, and helping our song about Syrian refugee kids to reach millions of listeners in Turkey and the world.

Our song has received Golden Children Music Award


In the Meeting of Culture and Art organized by Cultural Communication Foundation and supported by Kızılay, students of 13 schools displayed their dances in front of 8000 people in Atatürk Spor Salonu in Ankara, and on this beautiful occasion, we have received Golden Children Music and Composition Prize with our song “Children of Heaven” dedicated to Syrian children of war.


Erdoğan reads the lyrics written by Turgay Evren

Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, the President of Republic of Turkey, has read the lyrics of the chorus part of the song, “Children of Heaven” written by Turgay Evren on the occasion of 23rd April in the Külliye, Presidential Palace where he hosted about 400 kids from 50 different countries of the world.

Erdoğan sings the song written by Turgay Evren

Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, the President of Republic of Turkey, and his wife Emine Erdoğan played back “Children of Heaven” our song for Syrian refugee kids together with children who came to Turkey from over 50 different countries to join 23rd April 2016 celebrations held in Külliye, the Presidential Palace. It was such an honorable and memorable occasion for us. We got so emotional and happy to see Erdoğan and his wife play back our song with kids on TV.

Temel Kotil, Turkish Airlines CEO praises Turgay Evren’s contributions to Aviation English


I visited Mr Temel Kotil, the Chief Executive Officer of Turkish Airlines, who transformed Turkish Airlines into a global success story. I got the chance to discuss my new projects with Mr Temel Kotil in the field of Aviation English. I was impressed by this humble man who left his imprint on Aviation World.


I gave some English books I’ve written, to Mr. Temel Kotil, the Chief Executive Officer of Turkish Airlines, as a gift. He praised my contribution to the field of English Language Teaching in Turkey. I hope I will also create lots of beneficial works in the field of Aviation English as well. I am in touch with some world-famous ELT teachers and authors who will help me with my projects to achieve this goal. When I shared some of my projects with Mr. Temel Kotil, he told me that he is ready to support my projects, believing that these projects will help all our employees including ground handling staff, pilots and flight attendants to improve their English skills.